Transcripts: Chase Briscoe – Pit Road Interview – 06-23-24

Q. A huge day for Chase Briscoe. They came into this race 44 points out. You are now 25 points out of the playoffs. At one point in stage one you were fighting to stay on the lead lap. You restarted the red flag in 23rd, but you came home second. How did you pull that off?

CHASE BRISCOE: The rain saved us for sure. We were terrible in the dry. We knew typically on the road courses and even the ovals that we’ve ran in the rain we’ve been pretty good truthfully. I didn’t expect to drive up to second, but yeah, really good recovery as far as that Ford.

Cool for them too. This is the first time ever in the sport, and to come away with a chance at a win. Yeah, it was fun racing at the end and slipping and sliding around. The track was changing a lot. It was a lot like Sprint Car racing, and the groove was literally changing lap in and lap out.

So, yeah, if you would have told me two hours ago that we would have ran second, I don’t think I would have believed you, but overall, yeah, great day for us, and definitely needed one to turn the ship around. It’s been a real struggle.

Yeah, good overall day for sure.

Q. You ran second, so I think a lot of fans want to know, how would you assess these wet weather tires and what we just saw went through and experienced over the last second portion of this race?

CHASE BRISCOE: Yeah, I thought it was really good truthfully. I think we could have probably started with the track a little bit wetter. The beginning was pretty fun. We were all over the place. Five wide at times and slipping and sliding around.

It’s been really encouraging I think to see kind of the wet weather progression of how aggressive we’ve been with it, and I think we can continue to do that. Even from a visibility standpoint, it was totally fine with no wipers, anything.

Yeah, I’m all for rain racing on the ovals and even on the road courses too. Hopefully we can get some more of it.