NASCAR Transcript: Ryan Blaney – 6.16.24

Q. Ryan Blaney, welcome to the Playoffs. 80 friends and family are here. Did this one mean a little bit more?

RYAN BLANEY: Yeah, definitely. Man, what a cool way to win here. This place means a lot to me, means a lot to my mom. We got a lot of people here tonight cheering us on. They willed us to that one.

Overall really appreciate all the 12 boys. Car was really fast through the night. Got a little bit better throught the night, with two tires. It was a good call. I didn’t know how well I was going to hold on. I started to struggle a little bit at the end. Had enough to hang on. So proud of the effort.

Appreciate Advance Auto Parts, Ford, Ford Performance, Menards, Snap-On, DEX Imaging, Wabash, everything they do. Makes up a little bit for a couple weeks ago.

Q. We were watching your friends and family on the final few laps. How is this going to work? Are all 80 coming to Victory Lane?

RYAN BLANEY: I hope so. I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m looking forward to seeing ’em. It’s always good to have family. I’ve been super lucky to have family support me through my career. It’s great they’re still supporting me as much as they did day one.

Also appreciate the sold-out crowd. Cool to win the first Cup race here.

Q. Second time I’ve seen you do a burnout.

RYAN BLANEY: Home track. I got to. Means a lot. I mean, it’s cool to win in Truck here, Xfinity, now Cup. Gosh, I’m worn out. Driving hard. I figured I deserved a burnout. Hopefully Dale Inman isn’t too mad at me.