Transcripts: Kyle Larson – Frontstretch Interview – 6.9.24

Q. Kyle Larson, getting congratulations from his team. Down here on the frontstretch, from nearby Elk Grove, California, you get your second win at your home racetrack. The final segment of the race you come out in eighth place with about 29 laps to go. How did you find a way to catchall those guys and pass them and still have something left in the tank?

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, I didn’t know what we were doing as far as strategy. I was just out there banging laps away. I don’t know, we study all the strategy, but it’s like doing homework. I don’t really know what I’m looking at.

Yeah, I was like, well, man, these guys are going to have to pit another time maybe. Then we said we had to go race and pass these guys, I got a bit nervous. I knew I’d be quick from the get go but I thought once the tires would come up to temp it would even off too much.

Thankful that we had enough grip. Thankful, too, that those guys got racing and Martin never got clear really to where I could get stuck in third and that really saved the race. I thought, too, once he got the lead, I’m like, man, I hope he doesn’t have somebody to judge off of here into 4 and he misses apex, and sure enough, he did, and I had a big run.

Just an awesome, awesome race car. Valvoline, every time we have Valvoline on the car, I feel like we’re really fast. Thanks to Valvoline,, Chevrolet, Jinya Ramen Bar, Prime, too.

Just cool to win at home, drink some wine here in a little bit and go celebrate.