Brett Moffitt Front Row Motorsports Irwin Tools Night Race Preview

"Bristol's tough. It's tough to pass. Everyone thinks because it's a short track it should be easier. But being right up against the wall, it's not. The big thing there is going to be qualifying decent and to keep pace at the beginning of the race until the groove does move up to the top, which I'm guessing won't take long.

"Five hundred laps is a lot of laps. You can go 500 miles at some tracks and it feels like you're in the car for an hour. Where you can go 500 laps at Bristol and it feels like you've been in there all day by the end of the race. There's no place to rest. You're just turning the entire time. But it will be fun to do it with No Escape on our Ford Fusion. Fans will get to see it flash by 500 times."

JUST THE FACTS: Saturday night's race will be Moffitt's third Sprint Cup start at Bristol Motor Speedway ... His best finish at the .533-mile oval is 17th (April 2015) ... The movie No Escape is partnering with Moffitt's No. 34 team as primary sponsor for the Bristol race ... The international thriller starring Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan and Lake Bell opens Aug. 26 in theaters.