Beating the heat at Michigan

Reid Spencer - NASCAR Wire Service Friday, Aug 14 1597
Based on concerns raised by drivers with respect to high temperatures in the driver compartments at Indianapolis, where the high-drag aerodynamic package was first used, NASCAR is mandating that three of the 14 available ducts channeling air into the cars remain open and without dampers.

To Jeff Gordon, there was a noticeable improvement.

"It seems to be helping on the track," the four-time Sprint Cup champion said. "It seems like it's not quite as hot, but it's going to be hotter on Sunday. But there is just not as much air moving underneath the car and around the car, which can make that engine compartment a little hotter, too.

"There are so many factors -- fuel mileage, pit strategy, track position, aerodynamics and restarts. It's going to be wild."