Transcripts: Kyle Larson – Pit Road Interview – 4.28.24

Q. Kyle Larson brings it home second. You just heard Denny loves to win. A good battle between you two. Anything you could have done differently with your race car?

KYLE LARSON: Not in the last 10. Just losing the lead when I got the restart as a leader. I went late in the zone. Martin was trying to time it behind me. He hit me right when I wanted to go. Screwed up. Got a lot of wheel spin.

He was kind of able to out-race me into one. His car was really good on the short runs. I could pace it, get closer to him at the end of the runs. It’s so easy to air block. Not that he was doing anything dirty or anything like that. It’s so easy as the leader, especially at a place like this, to shut off the air on the guys behind you.

I knew when I got within three car lengths, he was going to start moving around. I couldn’t really do anything. I was trying all sorts of different angles and speeds, all that. Nothing could generate enough speed to get close enough I guess to do anything. That was a bummer.

A great day for our Chevy team. Started 21st, drove up to sixth in the first stage, or fifth. Got a stage win. Another stage win sounds good. Good points day. We would have loved to get a win.

Always fast here at Dover. Just needed to be a little bit better on the restarts. I’ve lost a lot of races on restarts here. Just keep trying to get better.