Transcripts – Jeff Gordon, Frontstretch – 4.7.24

Q. Jeff, you’ve seen a lot of things in your career. 1-2-3 on the 40th anniversary of the first win…

JEFF GORDON: You can’t script it any better.

First I just want to say hi to Mr. and Mrs. Hendrick. I know how bummed they were not to be here. All our folks are able to be here to see this happen.

You can’t script it like this. I knew we had good race cars when they showed up here yesterday. But the race, the way it played out, to get that green flag stop was it. Our cars were so good on the short runs. We just needed to get that track position.

Then that last restart, oh, my God, I didn’t want to see that (laughter). I was so hoping we could get the 1-2-3.

These guys, these three guys, as well as Bowman, they drove their butts off. How about that William Byron, the 24 car? Every time we have a milestone day or opportunity or moment, he steps up. He got number 300. This is going to be a huge win for him and the whole organization.