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NASCAR Transcripts: Christopher Bell – Pit Road Interview – 03.24.24

Q. You were coming at the end there. It looked like the 20 car was really fast. Did you just need another lap there? CHRISTOPHER BELL: Yeah. I mean, obviously once I got to him, it was going to be tough to pass him, but just needed a couple of mistakes. William has been really, really good on the road courses, and he was flawless when it mattered today. Q. I saw a conversation post-race there with Kyle Busch just a moment ago. Was that about the contact in turn one, and how did that go? CHRISTOPHER BELL: Yeah. Obviously, he is very upset, which he ended up turned around. First off, I’m sorry to Larson and the 5 car. I got him earlier in the race and by no intention at all. I didn’t mean to do that.

K.B. is frustrated about what happened in turn one. I don’t know. They were two-wide going in there. I haven’t obviously seen a replay yet, but I had no intentions of turning him. I’m sure we’ll talk it out before the next race


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