NASCAR Transcripts: William Byron – Frontstretch Interview – 03.24.24

Q. You come here today, William, get your first win at COTA. So many opportunities to make mistakes on a road course this size, yet you seemed flawless. How did you pull it off in such a dominant way?

WILLIAM BYRON: Yeah, I feel like I made a lot of mistakes in the last ten laps. Just little micro errors. Christopher was really fast there on the longer runs. But this sport is just so hard. It’s so difficult to week in and week out show up and have fast cars.

We’ve had a little bit of a rough stretch the last few weeks, but put a lot of prep work in this week, and just thankful for the team I have around me, all the people back home as well. Joanne, who helps me and Ken who is here today, Max. All those guys play an integral role in preparing.

Just super thankful for having this opportunity and Raptor, Chevrolet, Valvoline, Liberty University, all of our partners, Hendrick Cars.

It’s just a lot of fun to win races, and it’s really difficult. We’re going to enjoy this one.

Q. We talked about your boys over here. Your pit crew got it done today. Three seconds faster than the one that got you back out in the lead. What is it about having a team like this that you know you can count on?

WILLIAM BYRON: I feel like when we’re on, we’re firing on all cylinders, whether it’s pit road, strategy, calls on top of the pit box for changes in the car.

Just thanks to everybody on this team. There’s not enough people that get credit, but it’s just really cool. Like I said, we prepared really well this week. Just difficult, man. You just have to keep working.