Transcripts: Alex Bowman Pit Road Interview – 03.17.24

Q. Alex Bowman, what is your perspective on the day and the race we ended up seeing?

ALEX BOWMAN: Obviously we want this place to rubber up and have two lanes, be able to run hard all day. That just wasn’t the circumstances we were given. I think the resin versus PJ1 probably had something to do with that because I don’t think the tire changed.

With the situation we had, I feel like our ally 48 team did a great job at maximizing everything, making the right calls, adjustments throughout the day, knowing how to manage tires.

That was something I was really good at when I first went stockcar racing. In the E Series and ARCA, you don’t have a lot of sets of tires. That was something I excelled at and I feel like I was able to apply that today.

In the Cup Series, we run hard every single lap all race these days. Kind of fun to go back to that. Maybe too far back to that. But glad we ended up on the right end of it.