Transcripts: Brad Keselowski Pit Road Interview – 03.17.24

Q. Brad Keselowski comes home in the top five for the second week in a row. Ever experience anything like what you went through today?  

BRAD KESELOWSKI: It was interesting. Like a little short track race. You go to any of these local short tracks, that’s how you have to race. Have take care of your stuff.  

It’s refreshing. It’s different. I like that, that it takes something different every week. That’s what makes Cup so hard. You go in every week, some weeks you drive ’em till you burn ’em down, this week you got to take care of ’em.  

It was fun. We had a really good car. We got a little damage on pit road, otherwise I feel like we were able to compete with the 11 and 19. Took just a tick of speed out of our car.  

Really looking forward to coming back here in the fall and proud of our race today.