Transcripts: Martin Truex Jr. Pit Road Interview – 03.17.24

Q. Martin, what was it like for you managing your tires, your equipment for 500 laps?  

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Apparently what’s what I needed to have happen here at Bristol to have a shot at winning.  

Yeah, I don’t know. Just really proud of our team, everybody on our Auto Owners Camry, Bass Pro, TRD, all of our partners. James and the guys did a great job this weekend, Jazzy, having a plan coming here.  

Yeah, I guess this tire management thing fit into my wheelhouse here at Bristol. Man, the difference was just coming out of the pits so far behind Denny. I had to use mine up more on the last run. The last four, five laps of the race, was cord.  

I gave it a hell of an effort. Congrats to them. Man, what a job by everybody at the JGR, TRD. Our Toyotas are working really well right now. Had a lot of fun today. Wish we could have come up one spot. Short on second. Good run for us. It’s been a great season for us.