NASCAR Transcript: Chris Buescher – Pit Road Interview – 03.10.24

Q. Chris Buescher, what a bounce-back from a week ago at Las Vegas. You end up second. How good does that feel?

CHRIS BUESCHER: That’s huge. We talked a lot internally. We’ve been able to lead races at any point in all three races leading up to this. We didn’t quite get there today. Certainly a great finish for our Ford Mustang. Really proud of everybody. This is a good try. We had a rough go last week. This was good to get everybody back to prove that we’re in this together and we’re going to win one of these things as a team. That was almost a win today. We were close in a way, but like we were just talking, I couldn’t even see the 20. That was going to be a tough one to battle for a win. But really impressed with everybody today, did a heck of a job, worked hard to get back up where we needed to be at the end. Was able to save just enough fuel to go 100% at the end. Got to second. Really proud with that.