Ford Performance NASCAR: Phoenix 1 (Joey Logano Accident Quote)

JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Hunt Brothers Pizza Ford Mustang Dark Horse (Retired early due to accident on lap 204)

WHAT HAPPENED? “I got ran into from behind. We were running horrible anyway but just went into turn one and I think it was John Hunter (Nemechek) behind me that sent me spinning. It is what it is.”

“I think I just got hit from behind. It is a shame. We weren’t running well anyway, but this doesn’t make it any better. We were just fighting for lucky dogs. You get back there and everyone is racing not real good and we got caught up in it.”

HE SAID ON HIS RADIO THAT HE DIDN’T MEAN TO GET INTO YOU BUT HE FELT LIKE YOU SLOWED A BIT: “Well, you have to lift to make the corners. You can’t hold it wide open around Phoenix. Maybe he should take a look and realize he can’t do that. He drove straight into the back of me. He needs to be man enough to own up to that.”

YOU DIDN’T HAVE THE SPEED YOU WERE LOOKING FOR. ANY IDEAS WHY? “I don’t know yet. Just don’t know yet.”

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