Transcripts: Tyler Reddick – Pit Road – 03.03.24

Q. Tyler Reddick, the other side of the battle for the win there. You had it up against the wall, looked like you had forward momentum going at the end of the race and then it comes up a little bit short. How frustrating is that?

TYLER REDDICK: It’s the name of the next generation game, right? You get the lead, you’ve got to hold on to it. Yeah, Kyle did a really good job there of pretty much taking away every option I had to close the gap.

Yeah, he seemed pretty good in the middle, and I was obviously really good on the bottom. He just never let me have it.

I kept trying to run higher and higher and he was kind of running right in the middle of the racetrack there, was kind of pretty efficient to block both lanes. Every time I kind of got close, we’re running just wide open enough in Turn 1 and 2 that he could kind of defend pretty well. It’s frustrating. I feel like we were never up front really all day long until it got to the stage end.

We had a really good Nasty Beast Toyota Camry and just stupid mistakes on pit road. Same shit, different year. It’s kind of frustrating.

We’ll continue to work on it, but a good rebound for our team today.