Transcripts: Kyle Larson – Frontstretch Quotes – 03.03.24

Q. What a dominant performance. What a day for you. You guys had a smooth race start to finish. Take me through the last 10 laps when you’re looking in the rear view at Tyler Reddick as he’s closing on you.

KYLE LARSON: I knew Tyler was going to be the guy to beat from the first stage. He was really fast there. I was hoping those guys were going to get racing a little bit longer behind me because I felt like it was going to time out where he was running really hard and getting the tow to catch me at the end.

Thankfully was able to air block him a couple laps and get him tight. I thought him and Bubba were going to get working together again to build a run, so I was happy that didn’t happen.

But all in all, such a great job by this Hendrick Cars Chevy team and just their execution, pit road, restarts, all that was great. Cool to get a win here at Vegas again. Back-to-back, swept all the stages again. Can’t ask for much more.