Ford Performance NASCAR: Chris Buescher Las Vegas Accident Quotes

CHRIS BUESCHER, No. 17 Fastenal Ford Mustang Dark Horse – WHAT HAPPENED?  “We lost the nut and lost half the wheel.  I think the tire stayed up under the fender.  I’m not exactly sure just yet, but it looks like the nut came off and something in the suspension actually cut the wheel in half.  It’s definitely not what we wanted with our Fastenal Ford Mustang out here today.  We had a strong day yesterday.  I was really proud of that effort.  We got a good bunch here and we’re gonna be contenders.  We’re gonna win some races, but it’s not gonna happen today.”

IT WAS A HARD HIT.  YOU OK?  “Yeah.  All good.”

DID YOU HAVE ANY WARNING?  “No.  Nothing that says that was coming.  That’s kind of been the case with this car.  I’ve probably had three of these now through the last couple of years and haven’t had a warning on any of them.  It’s nothing like the old five lug stuff where you’d get a vibration or a shimmy or have some kind of clue.  It just happens all of a sudden.  It’s very unfortunate there, very tough.  We have a great group of people on our team right now and we’re gonna bounce back from this and get going in the right direction.  That hurts just so early.  We were able to move forward out of there.  We took two tires and was doing OK and holding our own against four tires around us and just ended up out way earlier than we wanted.  I guess we talked a little bit yesterday and probably truthfully for the first time in my career I’m excited about Phoenix after what we had last time there.  I won’t have to lie about that, but certainly a bad day today.  It’s very disappointing.  That sucks.”

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