RCR NCS Race Recap: Atlanta Motor Speedway

Austin Dillon and The No. 3 BREZTRI AEROSPHERE® (budesonide, glycopyrrolate, and formoterol fumarate) Chevrolet Team Salvage Decent Finish at Atlanta Motor Speedway After Early Incident




“Once again, I don’t know what to say. We never got to show what our BREZTRI AEROSPHERE® (budesonide, glycopyrrolate, and formoterol fumarate) Chevy had today at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The right side of the diffuser broke off in a wreck not of our doing on lap two. Everyone on the No. 3 team worked hard to get it back, but we couldn’t overcome the lack of downforce. We tried really hard to race again, but without the right side of the diffuser to lean on we slapped the wall in Stage 3. We salvaged a finish today, but can’t wait to get to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to try and turn our luck around.”

-Austin Dillon

Spectacular Late-Race Move Earns Kyle Busch and The No. 8 Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Chevrolet Team Third-Place Finish at Atlanta Motor Speedway




“Our Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Chevrolet was one of the top-five cars today at Atlanta Motor Speedway and had a good shot at the win. The No. 12 car was deservingly one of the faster cars, and with all the carnage, it took out some other guys early. Towards the end of the race, you don’t have that many alliances. All of my friends disintegrated and went away throughout the day. Bubba Wallace came to the rescue, and he was a huge part of our success at the end of the race coming off Turn Two and down the backstretch to get a run. On that last restart, I just got a little too far ahead of the No. 99 car and he got a good side draft through the corner. I didn’t think the outside would prevail, but with the run down the frontstretch and the side draft, that is what hurt us. Typically, whoever is behind getting into Turn Three prevails at the start-finish line with the side draft and everything. I think I was running in second place to the No. 12 car at that point, and the No. 99 car was the furthest back. He used the side draft to make the ground back up and win the race. There was nothing I could have done differently. It’s good to see Daniel Suarez get a win because as Chevy team partners we were helping each other and working together there. It shows that when you do have friends and you can make alliances that strategy does seem to work. That was a good part of today to see that come to fruition. I was hoping to win myself because I know everybody wanted a free No. 8 special on Monday from Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. We’ll have to try again. Overall, I’m just really proud of everybody at RCR, ECR and Chevy. Our Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Camaro was fast.”

-Kyle Busch