NASCAR Transcript: Rick Hendrick & Jeff Gordon – Victory Lane Interview – 02.19.24

Q. We have Mr. Hendrick and we have Jeff Gordon. 40 years to the day, Rick. The memories, I can’t even imagine that come back just seeing this young man go to Victory Lane on the anniversary.

RICK HENDRICK: I’m telling you, you couldn’t write the script any better, 24-24. When we thought about coming down here the first time we didn’t think we should be here, felt so out of place.

We win this on our 40th to the day, it’s just — and timed a record now, so that’s awesome.

Q. It had been 10 years since you guys won this race. I want to know what it’s like seeing the 24 back in Victory Lane here?

JEFF GORDON: It’s so cool. What this is going to do for this team, for AXALTA and all of our partners and William Byron. He was already a superstar, he just went to another level of being a superstar.

I wasn’t driving the car, but I feel like I was making every lap with him out there. It’s just crazy to watch these guys do what they do and do it so well, and to watch them from this side of it, it makes me so happy, so proud. We’re going to celebrate. This is an amazing win, huge win.