NASCAR Transcript: William Byron – Frontstretch Interview – 02.19.24

Q. You’ve worked so hard in such a short period of time. How does Daytona 500 champion sound to you right now?

WILLIAM BYRON: It sounds really damn good. Thanks to an awesome crowd for coming out. I have so many emotions.

Obviously hate what happened on that backstretch. I just got pushed and got sideways. But so proud of this team, whole AXALTA team, 40th anniversary to the day, on Monday.

Just extremely blessed and thankful for all the opportunities, and we just want to keep it going. We have a lot to prove this year, and this is a good start, obviously.

Daytona 500, it’s freaking awesome. Let’s go.

Q. You have not had a good track record here, never even finished in the top 10. What was the difference tonight in getting yourself positioned to be there at the end?

WILLIAM BYRON: I don’t know, just really good strategy. We obviously laid back and tried to save fuel for most of the race, and we would get up there at the end of the stages and make some moves, and I see boss man coming up here, but yeah, just thankful for great power under the hood, all of our partners, Chevrolet, everybody that allows us to do this.

I’m just a kid from racing on computers and winning the Daytona 500, I can’t believe it. I wish my dad was here. He’s sick, but this is for him, man. We’ve been through so much, and we sat up in the grandstands together and watched the race. This is so freaking cool.