6th   Zane Smith, No. 71 WeatherTech Camaro ZL1 8th   William Byron, No. 24 Axalta Camaro ZL1 14th  B.J. McLeod, No. 78 Live Fast Motorsports Camaro ZL1

Zane Smith, No. 71 WeatherTech Camaro ZL1 Finished: 6th “After tonight, I feel really good about Sunday. I feel like I learned a lot. Last year, I had to race in – play it safe, but be aggressive at times and was just worried the whole time. I wanted to go into tonight with our No. 71 WeatherTech Chevy being aggressive and learn for Sunday, and I feel like we accomplished that.
I don’t know how I got that speeding penalty. I felt like it was my first gear launch, it was just a little bit too fast. Fortunately there was a caution and we were able to catch back up and have a shot at it there at the end. I wanted to be more aggressive, but I also wanted to have a car for Sunday. I’m excited for the Daytona 500.”

Kyle Busch, No. 8 Zone Camaro ZL1 Finished: 19th “I was just getting a push from the No. 6 (Brad Keselowski) there, and the No. 24 (William Byron) I saw kind of got messed up, out of line and slowed down. I tried to lift and roll out of the gas smoothly. I was still gaining too fast, and then I got all the way out of the gas. Got bumped again from behind and just accordioned into the No. 24 and sent him spinning. You don’t want to hit a guy in the tri-oval. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I’ve also rolled out of here in an ambulance before doing that, so I know it’s not the right thing to do, but sometimes you don’t have a choice and I turned the No. 24 sideways and caused a wreck.
Our No. 8 Zone Camaro was pretty fast. I felt good about it. Couldn’t really make any moves, though. Man, what a frustrating race. Just sitting in line – saving fuel, stuck on the bottom, can’t go anywhere. You get back in line.. you want to go forward. We were taking the momentum, whichever way the momentum was coming, and just ended up wrecking.”