NASCAR Breaks Next Evolution Of ‘Unpredictable And Dramatic’ Creative Campaign During Daytona 500

Building on the success of last year’s visionary brand campaign, NASCAR once again will weave a compelling story for racing fans through new creative and a fan engagement program that celebrates the unpredictability and drama of stock car racing.

Beginning with three unique spots designed to connect NASCAR’s biggest stars – the drivers – with NASCAR’s most treasured supporters – the fans – this on-air campaign will drive home the experiences, sights, and sounds that make NASCAR unique. Two of the spots will be available in Spanish-language versions as part of NASCAR’s commitment to broadening its fan base among millennial and multicultural audiences. The creative campaign will debut during “The Great American Race,” the Daytona 500, on Sunday (1 p.m. ET on FOX, FOX Deportes, Motor Racing Network Radio and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio).

“Our fans are inspired by the drama and passion of racing, so we crafted spots that would bring the NASCAR experience to life,” said Kim Brink, NASCAR vice president, marketing. “This creative exudes excitement and anticipation, from drivers prepping for race day through grueling fitness regimens, to the children who look to them as their heroes. These spots will ensure that the NASCAR brand continues to move forward in an authentic and relevant way.”

The spots are:

o   “Machine” (English and Spanish) – Matching the human movement of a grueling training regimen with the movements of a car being prepped for a race, this spot poses the question of which entity on the track is the “machine.” Is it the world-class car, which is meticulously monitored and maintained, or is it the elite mind and body of NASCAR drivers, who devote all of their energy, strength, and focus on training to be the best?

Click here to view the English language spot:

Click here to view the Spanish language spot:

o   “Heroes” (English and Spanish) – NASCAR drivers are larger than life for a wide demographic of fans, but they evoke awe and admiration from children in particular. Kids marvel at the star power and sheer fun of being a NASCAR driver, and they dare to dream of one day battling other cars at speeds up to 200 mph in a race to cross the finish line first.

Click here to view the English language spot:

Click here to view the Spanish language spot:

o    “Change” (English) – NASCAR is built on the timeless stories of daredevil drivers who made history in decades past. But true to its roots, this sport doesn’t stand still and is continually pushing the boundaries through new, bold drivers and younger generations of fans. Some things have changed over the years, but the true thrill of the race will never change.

Click here to view the spot:

NASCAR’s new brand campaign was developed by Ogilvy & Mather’s New York office, inclusive of Ogilvy Rojo, the Hispanic arm of the agency.

“With a dual challenge to attract the next generation of fans, while deepening NASCAR’s emotional connection to avid fans, driver star power is the focal point of the campaign,” said Adam Tucker, President of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising New York. “The work reinforces a core truth; at the heart of NASCAR are megastar drivers who serve as role models, train like super-human athletes and ultimately represent everyday heroes in the hearts and minds of fans.”

In addition, NASCAR collaborated with FOX to create an all-new social engagement campaign centered around the key phrase of “#drafting”. Led by participation from NASCAR drivers, teams, and tracks, the  sport’s key personalities built anticipation for “The Great American Race” by capturing creative photos reminiscent of pack-style racing and sharing those moments via their social media handles.

Anchored by a landing page that aggregates the best #drafting content for fans to view, this cross-platform campaign has generated excitement for the 2014 season and will continue to build momentum leading into Sunday’s Daytona 500 race. Click here to visit the #drafting landing page: