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Jimmie Johnson’s Becoming A Legend

Jimmie Johnson captured his 66th career win on Sunday afternoon at Texas Motor Speedway after completely dominating the day. The point’s standings were the picture on many people’s minds following the AAA 500 in Fort Worth, Texas. But, I quickly realized Johnson sit’s now just 10-wins behind Dale Earnhardt Sr. on the all-time win’s list.

We aren’t realizing it, but a legend is being born in front of our eyes. Dale Earnhardt took 26-years to real in 7 championships along with 76 wins. I’m not underestimating Earnhardt’s amazing career, but Johnson has taken 11-years to rack up 66 wins along with 5 championships.

Maybe Earnhardt isn’t the greatest comparison to Johnson. Let’s compare 5-time with David Pearson who’s reeled in over 100 wins.

Pearson took 23-years to win 105-races and 3 championships. Obviously, Johnson has more championships then David, but I guarantee that Jimmie’s on track to get just about as many wins as David if not more.  

Jimmie has a win percentage that is highest among active drivers of 15.046 percent. Jeff Gordon is the closet to Jimmie in that category with a 12.188 win percentage. If Jimmie keeps on track with that win percentage it will signify that Johnson will reach the milestone of over 100-wins.

Wins aren’t the only category that Johnson can set records in. With 5 titles throughout his 11-years full-time in the NSCS (NASCAR Sprint Cup Series) he is on pace to tie or break Petty and Earnhardt’s 7 championship records.

Once again, I said you might not realize it but a legend is being born.

Marshall Gabell

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