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Up to Speed with Miss Coors Light

Miss Coors Light, Rachel Rupert, is the fan’s connection to the fastest driver every weekend during the NASCAR season and presenting a trophy is not all she does! Rachel’s weekend starts earlier than most, when she hits local markets to promote the Coors Light brand at restaurants, bars, and Walmarts.

From a young age Rachel Rupert has been a fan of sports, especially NASCAR, attending her first race at Bristol Motor Speedway.  Being from the Volunteer State of Tennessee, Rupert has her own opinion of the news about Bristol Motor Speedway hosting a battle between the Volunteers and Virginia Tech Hookies football teams in 2016.

“I am so glad you are asking me about this! I am a diehard Tennessee fan and we have been begging for this for years,” Rupert said. “When they finally announced [the game] I was so excited! I can’t believe it. It is great for both schools to come together, since they have a lot of diehard fans!” 

When asked if she was going to be at the game, Rachel said, “I will be there, I will have my Coors Light hat on and my Tennessee jersey on, can’t wait for it!” Rachel is not the only person to say that they will be there, and it is going to be interesting to see how the good folks at Bristol Motor Speedway pull off putting a football field inside the World’s Last Great Coliseum.

The role of Miss Coors Light is not about just “looking pretty,” it is about spreading the brand of NASCAR and Coors Light across the nation. “People say that all the time, all you have to do is stand there and take pictures, and it’s like no, it’s one part of the job,” Rachel said. “I am a face for Coors Light and a face for the sport. What comes with that is doing interviews. Anywhere you can get Coors Light, I am there.”

There are several steps to get the job position of Miss Coors Light, and it is just like any other job application process. “I was with an agency that was looking for someone that knew about the sport, and could go to the races, and said, hey I can do that, and interviewed for the position,” Rachel said.

“They narrowed it down to a couple of girls, and everyone asks me if it was like a pageant and it was a real job interview in Chicago. After the interview was done they said they wanted me to do it. I have been Miss Coors Light for three years now; it’s the best job in the world. I love it,” Mississippi native, Rachel Rupert said.

Being the one to interview the pole winner each week, Miss Coors Light talks to a lot of drivers, but we wanted to know who the best driver in the garage to interview was. The answer may not surprise you.

“Carl Edwards hands down, he is great at interviews, he can talk for days, or can get in whatever he needs to say but can joke around – he’s a great guy,” Rachel Rupert said. If you have every watched how Edwards does his interviews, he really can say just about anything but at the same time make some sponsor plugs.  There was one time he won and an interviewer asked him what he was going to do and Edwards said, “I am going to go home and relax and get a Subway sandwich.”

If you are at the track make sure to take part in Coors Light’s recycling program by visiting of their booths around the track and in the campgrounds.  With so much waste at the races, Coors Light is trying to help cut down the waste and make the environment a little better – and you get rewarded too!

“A lot of people consuming beer and we need something for those guys to come to us and say hey we got these that need to be recycled,” Miss Coors Light, Rachel said. “We have a tent we set up, and we have a couple girls that run it. I make appearances there throughout the weekend.

“It is so important to recycle, especially at the track. If  you come by we will give you a recycling bin that you can have at your tailgate and you bring it back and we take care of recycling it for you,” Rachel went on and said, “You could get a Coors Light flag, shirt, hat, or koozie.”

This weekend Rachel is already at the track and getting ready to hand out another Coors Light Pole award to today’s fastest qualifier at Martinsville Speedway. “Everyone should come out to Martinsville for qualifying because somewhere like Martinsville it is really important to start out front by getting the Coors Light Pole Award, and it is will help you have a better race,” Miss Coors Light, Rachel Rupert said.

You can stay up to speed and get inside behind the scenes access to all things Miss Coors Light by “liking” her Facebook page -> www.Facebook.com/MissCoorsLight

Brad Carpenter

Bradley Carpenter is an alum of Belmont Abbey College, located ten minutes from Charlotte, NC, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Motorsports Management and Business Management. In addition to his studies, Carpenter is a ticket representative at Charlotte Motor Speedway and owner of Last Lap Marketing. Since he was a young boy, Carpenter has enjoyed watching racing, especially NASCAR, and he even competed in quarter midgets. When Carpenter got involved with DECA, he knew he wanted to mix his love of business with his passion for racing. Living in the heart and soul of NASCAR make sure to check Carpenter’s Twitter for Breaking News and exciting information!

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