Attacking attitude

Jeff Gordon was quick to cite another reason for Ambrose’s prowess at road racing.

“What makes him so good, not to mention his road racing experience over the years, is his aggressiveness,” Gordon said. “He’s just so aggressive. While I think sometimes that holds him back on the ovals, it pays off big time here. That’s going to be tough to beat.”

Gordon also likes Ambrose’s chances of a three-peat at Watkins Glen, a higher-speed venue than Sonoma, the more technical of the two road courses on the Sprint Cup circuit.

“I think it was interesting, because we were at Sonoma and he doesn’t do as well at Sonoma as he does here because this track, it loves aggressiveness,” Gordon said.  “Sonoma does not like aggressiveness. I think you’re going to see him be extremely fast this weekend. He was fast at Sonoma, but just the fall-off was pretty big there where here that’s not the case. 

“I think he’s going to be very, very difficult to beat.”