What’s my line?

If you were monitoring Matt Kenseth on a scanner, you heard his spotter, Chris “Crazy” Osborne, telling the driver what line Kasey Kahne was running lap after lap as Kahne closed in to challenge for the win.

Was Kenseth planning to take Kahne’s line away if it came to that, or was he still searching for a faster way around the race track?

“He was just trying to let me know where he was, how close he was, if he was getting a run off the top or whatever so I could kind of know where his momentum was or where he was stronger, that type of thing,” Kenseth said. “But (with) 20 to go, when I started catching them lapped cars, I didn’t have much of a choice. I really thought I wanted to pass them all on the top, and that wasn’t such a great thought.

“I really messed up a couple laps real bad. I drove in behind the 47 (Bobby Labonte) once, and I thought he was going to the bottom and he went to the top and I was so committed I drove in behind him and pretty much had to stop and cost us about a second, that lap. And then from there on out, man, it was a lot of work. We were loose into Turn 3 and I felt like I just kept missing it and messing it up.”

Obviously, Kenseth did something right. He beat Kahne to the finish line by .150 seconds.