STP 400 accident quotes



WHAT HAPPENED?  “I watched the 18.  He was spinning out and I saw it the whole time.  I saw he got loose and thought, ‘OK, he’s gonna come back across,’ and he didn’t.  It looked like he was gonna stay up there because he kind of slapped the wall with the right side after he hit it the first time, so I’m like, ‘All right, I’m gonna gun it and get by him here,’ and as soon as I committed to that I saw him start coming back down.  At that point you’re just lined up to him and hit him a ton.  I’m fine.  It’s just unfortunate for the AAA guys.  They deserve better than that.  We were working hard on getting our car better.  We weren’t gonna gain many points this weekend, but we were gonna try to rally for the best possible finish we could get out of it, but it’s not good for us.” 

HOW ARE THE CONDITIONS OUT THERE?  “This track is just so narrow right now.  You can’t move around.  We were tight for the most part, trying to free it up, and then we put left sides on there and got really loose.  I was trying to hold on for what we had and I think there were a lot of guys around us that did the same thing and were really loose.  We weren’t having a good day as it was, but you don’t want to end up in the garage like this.”


“I couldn’t see anything.  I saw the back of the 34 or 38, I’m not sure which one it was, and then I saw the 9 sitting sideways right at the exit of the corner.  I lifted and turned down, which made my hit to the inside wall harder because as soon as you lift and put all that weight up there it gives me enough turn to try to get away from the 9, but then I can’t get it back in the other direction.  It’s too bad for the guys who work on this SKF Penske Ford.  I just wish we could have done a little bit better.  We got off on our strategy early and this is so much about track position here and how you’re running through your tires – whether you’re taking two or four.  We just got ourselves out of sequence and could never make it back up again.” 

A LOT OF CARS SPINNING TODAY.  WHY?  “I don’t know.  It’s really, really free out there.  There was a point in time where we were really good on the restart and could go for 10 laps, and then the car would get really free in and off the corners, and then after about 20 laps it would be fine for about the next 15, and then it would start doing it again.  It’s just a weird way that the car and the tires and everything were reacting together.  I think it has to do with putting rubber down and also the sun coming out and heating the track up, but the exit of turn two is pretty tough for a lot of people just sliding and getting off the corner because if you run high, you’re already a little bit loose and if you try to run low, you just can’t keep the rear underneath you to put the power down.”