Tire Failure Results in 36th Place Finish for Whitt

Stage 1
Cole Whitt qualified 34th to start the Can-Am 500 (k) at Phoenix International Raceway
Lap 10: Running 33rd, Whitt relayed the No. 72 was tight through the center
Lap 37: Maintaining 33rd, Whitt fell one lap down from the leader
Stage 1 Completion Caution Lap 75: Whitt completed the stage 32nd, one lap down from the leader. Whitt pitted for four tires, fuel, air pressure and wedge adjustments
Stage 2
Whitt took the Stage 2 green flag restart 30th, one lap down. Soon thereafter, Whitt relayed he felt a bad vibration
Stage two ultimately became one long green flag run until an incident brought out the caution as Stage 2 neared completion
Caution Lap 150 (incident) / Stage 2 Completion Caution: Running 31st, two laps down, Whitt continued to experience a vibration. He pitted for four tires, fuel, and air pressure adjustment
Stage 3
Whitt was scored 29th, two laps down for the start of Stage 3
Caution Lap 230 (incident): Running 28th, three laps down, Whitt relayed he was having brake issues and tight in the center. He pitted for four tires, fuel, air pressure and wedge adjustment. He restarted 25th, 3 laps down
Caution Lap 240 (debris): Whitt relayed t brake issue was worsening. He pitted for four tires and fuel
Caution Lap 253 (incident) ultimately brought out the red flag stopping the field for track clean-up. Cole Whitt took the green flag 22nd, three laps down.
Lap 261: Whitt incurred a left front tire failure causing him to make contact with the wall. The contact caused significant damage to the No. 72 resulting in a shortened day for the him and the team. He completed a total of 258 laps and finished 36th in the Can-Am 500 at Phoenix International Raceway.
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