Todd Gilliland and No. 4 JBL/SiriusXM Earn a Top-5 Finish in Kansas Debut

In his first start at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Todd Gilliland and the No. 4 JBL/SiriusXM team earned their first top-five finish of the season with a third-place finish in the Digital Ally 250. Gilliland earned the fifth starting position in one round of single-vehicle qualifying, after posting the X and X speeds in practice respectively. The teenager fired off with a loose handling Tundra, and reported that his right-front tire felt glazed over and needed grip, so crew chief Marcus Richmond and the No. 4 team went to work making adjustments and soon had the machine adjusted more to his liking. The young driver marched his way into the top five and began posting lap times faster than the leaders, but several late race cautions prevented him from capitalizing and he brought home a third-place finish.
Stage One Recap:
  • In one round of single-truck qualifying, Gilliland put his No. 4 Tundra in the fifth starting position.
  • During the first stage of the Digital Ally 250, Gilliland fell back in the top-10.
  • Gilliland was able to give feedback on his Tundra during the first caution on lap 26 for teammate Brandon Jones, and reported that his Tundra was loose, and his right front tire felt glazed over.
  • When the caution flag flew for the conclusion of the stage Richmond made the call to bring the No. 4 to pit road for four fresh tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment.
  • Gilliland finished the first stage in the seventh position.
Stage Two Recap:
  • Gilliland restarted the second stage in the X position after several competitors took only two tires.
  • The young driver reported that his Tundra was handling much better, but the tires were spinning in first gear.
  • By lap 63 the No. 4 was scored within the top 10 and Gilliland finished the second stage in seventh.
  • Richmond called the No. 4 to pit road for four tires and fuel following the second stage.
Stage Three Recap:
  • Gilliland began the final stage in the seventh position, and soon Richmond reported that he was the fastest truck on the track.
  • By lap 109, Gilliland was back within the top five.
  • On lap 129, the No. 4 JBL/SiriusXM team pit for the final time for four fresh Goodyear tires and fuel.
  • When the caution flag flew on lap 140, Gilliland had worked his way into the third position. He battled for the lead, but fell back on the final two restarts.
  • The second-generation driver took the checkered flag in the third position in his first start at Kansas Speedway, earning his first top-five finish of the season.


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