Gragson Earns a Top-10 Finish in His First Dirt Race at Eldora

Noah Gragson came to Eldora Speedway with no racing experience on dirt, but seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. After only two hours of practice on Tuesday evening, Gragson started on the pole of his qualifying race and ended the night with another top-10 finish bringing his Switch Tundra home in seventh place.  
Stage One Recap:
  • Gragson started 10th based on his second-place finish in his qualifying race. The Switch Tundra was loose throughout Stage One, but he was able to finish in 13th place. He came to the pits for four tires and a chassis adjustment to tighten up his Tundra. Since the pit stops are not timed at Eldora, he returned to the race in 13th to begin Stage Two.
Stage Two Recap:
  • Gragson held his own throughout the 50 laps and finished Stage Two in the same position he started, 13th. Since fuel mileage and tires were not a concern, the team opted not to pit and instead gain track position for the final stage.
Stage Three Recap:
  • By staying on track during the stage break, Gragson was up to fourth when the race resumed for the final 60 laps. Although he fell back to 10th, he did everything right by keeping the Switch Tundra in one piece and pointed in the right direction. With 10 to go he was up to eighth and gained one more spot in the final laps to earn a seventh-place finish.


Speedway Digest Staff

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