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Rocketing past the 1,000-entry mark for the tenth year in a row on November 18, the number of entries into the 39th annual Tulsa Shootout has not slowed down, with the count sitting at 1,311 between the six featured divisions.


Creeping up on the previous event record of 1,397, set in 2020, the current entry record stands at 1,739, with 1,661 drawing in, and was set during the 2022 edition of the ‘Mecca of Micros’. The 2023 show was only six entries under the record, with total entries drawing in setting a new record at 1,655.


An idea of how far ahead entries currently stand and why this year's event could be a record-setting affair, pre-entries for the 2023 event closed with 1,536 on file.


The 1,311 entries received so far for the 2024 showdown include 540 drivers from 330 cities across 40 states and three countries (USA, Can, NZ). Of the drivers, 242 plan to compete in at least three divisions. Needing to fit within a specific age range to do so, seven drivers fall into that category and are able to race in five classes.


Both stock divisions have cleared 300 entries each, with Joe’s Racing Products Stock Non-Wing sitting at 314, and EVO Fuel Injection A-Class at 302. Hyper Racing Non-Wing Outlaw follows with 285, with the RS12 Winged Outlaws with 195. K&B Racing Restricted sits at 119, with the Flying A Motorsports Junior Sprints on track to have their largest field ever, with the count currently at 95. The 2023 event saw 96 drivers draw in out of the 98 entries received.


The lead-up to the Chili Bowl Nationals in January, several drivers will again take the opportunity to utilize the Tulsa Shootout for added-on-track experience. Tyler Courtney in a Christopher Bell owned entry was revealed recently, but a quick glance through the classes finds 22 drivers doing so.


Tim Buckwalter, Michael Faccinto, Noah Gass, Blake Hahn, Colton Hardy, and even defending Chili Bowl Champion, Logan Seavey, are just some drivers looking for extra seat time. For Chili Bowl Rookies like Cale Coons, Elijah Gile, and Joey Amantea, that added time on track is invaluable.


Teams can enter online 24/7 at Starting November 30, 2023, the cost per class will be $125, and will close on December 13, 2023. After that, teams will have to enter at the event during check-in on Monday, December 26, 2023


The 39th annual Tulsa Shootout dates are December 27-31, 2023. Teams will move in, draw, and purchase Pit Passes on Tuesday, December 26, 2023. Practice will occur on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, with the first rounds of Heats taking the green around 7:00 P.M. (CT). Racing will continue each day, starting at 9:00 A.M., with the race for the Golden Driller wrapping up on New Year’s Eve.


Happening about every ten years, the final day of racing will be on a Sunday.


A quick reminder to teams regarding car numbers.


We do not allow reflective numbers. If your numbers are borderline or not readable, you will need to fix them. You will be given one warning during practice to fix your numbers. Numbers not fixed by race time will result in disqualification, and you will not be allowed to enter the racetrack.


Non-Wing Classes must have a number on the nose of your car. The letter must be above the number and legible. Winged Classes must have numbers on both sideboards. All cars must have legible numbers on the tail tank. Car numbers are a max of three digits. That includes the use of a letter.


For example, a car can be No. 100, or No. 10x. Not No. 100x.


Remember, we have three people hand scoring because sometimes the transponder system does go down, they fall off the car, or just stop working. We need to be able to read all car numbers so you are not scored incorrectly and also to speed up time under caution. It also helps our infield crew to move cars around when a RACEceiver malfunctions. Contrast is important. Black on black with a hint of grey is not readable when a car is in motion, especially from a distance.


Featured classes at the 39th running of the Tulsa Shootout include RS-12 Motorsports Winged Outlaw, Hyper Racing Non-Wing Outlaw, EVO Fuel Injection A-Class Winged, Joe’s Racing Products Stock Non-Wing, K&B Racing Restricted A-Class, and Flying A Motorsports Junior Sprints. Information regarding specific daily running orders will be established after entries open. Online entry will be available as well as entry by phone at (918) 838-3777.


Rules questions can be directed to Matt Ward, who is the director of competition for the Tulsa Shootout. Contact for Matt Ward includes Cell Phone at (918) 995-1650 or the office at (918) 838-3777.


Fans not able to attend the 39th annual Tulsa Shootout can see every lap of action on


The Tulsa Shootout takes place at the Tulsa Expo Raceway, located inside the SageNet Center in Tulsa, Okla. More information on the event will be released as the event draws closer. All official rules, event information, and dates are online at Fans can also follow the Tulsa Shootout at and on Twitter (@TulsaShootout).


Quick Notes:


Event: 39th annual Tulsa Shootout

Where: SageNet Center – 4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114

Parking: December 26, 2023 starting at 7:00 A.M.

Practice: December 27, 2023 starting at 8:00 A.M. Racing to follow

Event Dates: December 27, 2023 – December 31, 2023


Late Entry ($125/class entered): November 30, 2023 – December 13, 2023

At Race Entry ($125/class entered): December 26, 2023

Entries can be paid by Cash, Master Card, or Visa. No personal checks are accepted without prior approval. Entry includes Sunday Pit Pass.


Mail Entries To: Tulsa Shootout 1140 S. 83rd East Ave. Tulsa, OK 74112

Fax Entries To: (918) 836-5517

Call Entries To: (918) 838-3777

Enter Online At:

Entries will NOT be accepted via social media.


**Rules for the represented classes can be found at For any clarification on rules, contact Matt Ward at (918) 995-1650 or (918) 838-3777.


Tentative Daily Times


Event: 39th annual Tulsa Shootout

Where: SageNet Center – 4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114

Event Dates: December 26, 2023 – December 31, 2023


All times and order of events are tentative and subject to change based on the number of entries. The number of races will be determined after check-in has closed.



7:00 AM.........................................Early Parking

3:00 PM.........................................Regular Parking

12:00PM - 8:00 PM........................Sign-In / Pit Passes



8:00 AM........................................Practice Begins

6:00 PM.........................................Restrictor Tech

7:00 PM……………………………………..Racing


Pit Pass $30



7:00 AM.........................................Building Open

9:00 AM..........................................Racing

Pit Passes sold at the North and South entrances only.


General Admission $15

Pit Pass $30



7:00 AM.........................................Building Opens

9:00 AM........................................Racing

Pit Passes sold at the North and South entrances only.


General Admission $15

Pit Pass $30



7:00 AM.........................................Building Opens

9:00 AM.........................................Racing

Pit Passes sold at the North and South entrances only.


General Admission $15

Pit Pass $30



7:00 AM.........................................Building Opens

9:00 AM........................................Racing

5:00 PM..........................................Opening Ceremonies

All LCQ's & A Features Following Opening Ceremonies

Pit Passes sold at the North and South entrances only.


General Admission $20

Pit Pass $40


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2024 Class Lineup


RS-12 Motorsports Winged Outlaw

Hyper Racing Non-Wing Outlaw

EVO Fuel Injection A-Class Winged

Joe’s Racing Products Stock Non-Wing

K&B Racing Restricted A-Class

Flying A Motorsports Junior Sprints


Event Broadcast:


Live Online PPV:


Tulsa Shootout Past Champions (Current Classes)


RS12 MOTORSPORTS WINGED OUTLAW Keith Crawford (1990), Pete Frazier (1993), Pete Frazier (1994), Steve Frisell (1995), Chad Davenport (1996), Rick King (1997), Pete Frazier (1998), Lee Waldroop (1999), Paul Carbone (2000), Robert Richardson (2001), Dino Tomassi & Scotty Smith (2002), Bryan Clauson & Jacob Mosley (2003), Rodney Stealy (2004), Stan Yockey & Scotty Smith (2005) , Rodney Stealy (2006), Jerrod Wilson (2007), Brady Bacon (2008), Kevin Bayer (2009), Ryan Reeves (2010), Blake Hahn (2011), Heath Duinkerken (2012), Heath Duinkerken (2013), Frank Flud (2014), Michael Faccinto (2015), Brady Bacon (2016), Joe B. Miller (2017), Christopher Bell (2018), Ben Worth (2019), Emerson Axsom (2020), Mitchell Moles (2021), Craig Ronk (2022), Emerson Axsom (2023)


HYPER RACING OUTLAW NON-WING: Blake Hahn (2011), Brock Lemley (2012), Chris Andrews (2013), Steven Shebester (2014), Trey Marcham (2015), Chris Andrews (2016), Tristan Guardino (2017). Jason McDougal (2018), Zeb Wise (2019), Brady Bacon (2020), Kris Carroll (2021), Jeffrey Newell (2022). TJ Smith (2023)


EVO FUEL INJECTION A-CLASS: Willie Bewley (1988), Gary Edwards (1989), David Person (1991), Bubba Hunt (1992), Ryan McDonald (1993), Chris Crawford (1994), Kevin Bayer (1995), Jay Foote (1996), Darren Stewart (1997), Jerrod Wilson (1998), Shawn Wright (1999), Shawn Wright (2000), Brad Best (2002), Dex Eaton (2003), Brady Bacon (2004), Kevin Bayer (2005), Scott Sawyer & Jerrod Wilson (2006), Donnie Ray Crawford (2007), Jerrod Wilson (2008), Gary Taylor (2009), Donnie Ray Crawford (2010), Andrew Deal (2011), Kevin Bayer (2012), Chris Cochran (2013), Tucker Worth (2014), Giovanni Scelzi (2015), Miles Paulus (2016), Ayrton Gennetten (2017), Jason McDougal (2018), Jake Hagopian (2019), Kyle Spence (2020), Brian Carber (2021), Jake Hagopian (2022), Jake Hagopian (2023)


JOE'S RACING PRODUCTS STOCK NON-WING: Wendy Shear (1990), Jeff Dodd (1994), Paul Herdon (1996), Brady Courtney (1997), Rick Mercer (1998), Chebon Bruner (1999), Matt Walton (2002), Donnie Crawford (2003), Ronnie James (2004), Donnie Crawford (2005), Andrew Peters & Donnie Crawford (2006), Donnie Ray Crawford (2007), Rodney Stealy (2008), Riley Adair (2009), Chris Andrews (2010), Koen Shaw (2011), Chris Cochran (2012), Michael Faccinto (2013), Frank Flud (2014), Trey Marcham (2015), Jonathan Beason (2016), Frank Flud (2017). Jason McDougal (2018), Kyle Spence (2019), Alex Bright (2020), Brian Carber (2021), Emerson Axsom (2022), Gavan Boschele (2023)


K&B RACING RESTRICTED A-CLASS: Jonathan Beason (2001), Josh Pickle (2002), Jay Hunt (2003), Jack Dover (2004), Dalton Cole (2005), Tyler Edwards (2006), Tanner Mullens (2007), Sean Thompson (2008), Trent Carter (2009), Darien Roberts (2010), Dalton Seigler (2011), Dahne Lynn McKay (2012), Dahne Lynn McKay (2013), Alex Panella (2014), Kaylee Bryson (2015), Noah Gass (2016), Grady Mercer (2017), Corey Day (2018), Shawn Mahaffey (2019), Jade Avedisian (2020), Jaxton Wiggs (2021), Jett Nunley (2022). Jack Thomas (2023)


FLYING A MOTORSPORTS JUNIOR SPRINTS: Jordan Burnett (2001), Dustin Rhodes (2004), Mitch Faccinto (2005), Blake Hahn (2006), Drew Marshall (2007), Chance Morton (2008), Grady Chandler (2009), Josiah Ribeiro (2010), Josiah Ribeiro (2011), Kameron Beard (2012), Jadon Rogers (2013), Cannon McIntosh (2014), Nikko Panella (2015), Ryder Laplante (2016), Caeden Steele (2017), Ryan Timms (2018) , Austin Wood (2019), Jett Barnes (2020), Lucas Mauldin (2021), Lucas Mauldin (2022), Mattix McBride (2023)


Tulsa Shootout

Justin Grant’s second straight USAC AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship isn’t the only impressive accolade he repeated during the 2023 campaign.


For the third consecutive season, and fourth time overall, the Ione, Calif. racer captured the $10,000 Mike Curb USAC National Drivers Championship, amassing more total points across the three USAC national divisions throughout the duration of the 2023 campaign.


Grant (2021-2022-2023) now becomes just the third driver to win the honor in three consecutive seasons, joining J.J. Yeley (2001-2002-2003) and Bryan Clauson (2010-2011-2012).


Furthermore, with his first such Mike Curb USAC National Drivers Championship arriving in 2017, Grant also added his name to the very short list of drivers who’ve earned the reward four times overall, a list which includes only himself and Tracy Hines (2000-2008-2013-2014).


“To have my name alongside the legends and heroes of the sport, it’s why I love the lists and I love seeing where my career stacks up against other guys careers,” Grant explained. “I jokingly say that I feel like my name is devaluing that list, but it’s starting to feel more and more like it belongs. I know how big of a deal those guys were to me, watching them as I grew up and then getting to race against them. They’re huge names and icons and I’m awfully, awfully proud to have my name along with them.”


In making 73 combined USAC national starts in 2023, the Ione, Calif. native totaled 4,394 points, just 184 markers more than second place finishing Logan Seavey.


Curb is accustomed to “records” as a hit making musician and the founder of Curb Records, but now racers like Grant are beginning to make records of their own in association with Curb, a record Grant is proud to have his name be a part of.


“It’s super special for me to not only win it once, but to win it four times now,” Grant exclaimed. “Our on-track performance is one thing, but being able to keep car owners and partners and crew people happy and wanting to go up and down the road with me year after year is another point of pride. It’s a little bit different when we go win a big race or a series championship, which is entirely performance based. But to me, the Mike Curb award speaks more about your ability to manage your role as a driver and multiple race teams. I struggled with that early in my career, so it’s a point of pride now that I’ve been able to be successful at that.”


Additionally, Grant once again finished inside the top-three of all three USAC national divisions’ point standings, also doing so in 2021. In 2023, he tallied a first with the AMSOIL National Sprint Cars for TOPP Motorsports, second with the NOS Energy Drink National Midgets for RMS Racing and third with the Silver Crown series for Hemelgarn Racing. He now stands behind only Rich Vogler in that category, the man who was the first to finish inside the top-three in all three in 1980 before repeating in 1981 and again in 1989.


“Being able to be in the points hunt in all three divisions for a few years now is really cool,” Grant reflected. “We want to win all three, and when you don’t, it always feels like a bit of a disappointment, but it gives you a little perspective on the accomplishment and it’s nice to take a breath and look at the fact that there aren’t many guys who’ve had the opportunity to race for all three, and there’s even less guys who’ve had the opportunity to race for all three in a single year.”


Grant is beyond thankful for the opportunity, and while soaking in the accomplishments at season’s end, he doesn’t take any of it for granted.


“To be one of those guys, and to do my job after having that opportunity, makes me feel very grateful and fortunate for the opportunities I have, the car owners I have, the partners I have, the crews that work on them, my family at home and my wife and kids that support me while I’m out on the road.”


This year marked the 25th year of the Mike Curb USAC National Drivers Championship. Curb has offered the reward annually since the 1999 USAC season to honor USAC’s top overall points champion. Once known as the USAC Super License, the title was rechristened as the National Drivers Championship to more properly represent the accomplishment of achieving the feat, which so few have done. Now Grant will once again accept the honor during USAC’s Night of Champions at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis on Friday night, December 8, 2023.


“The passion he has for motorsports, and especially our form of motorsports, is great, and the fact that he has an award to honor and pay a guy who beats up and down the road and lays it out on the line night-in and night-out is incredible,” Grant said of Curb. “These are dangerous racecars at the end of the day, and when you’re in one as many nights of the year as we are, your odds of getting hurt go up substantially. It feels good to be recognized for that, and it feels good to be appreciated and it means a lot knowing that Mike Curb is willing to do that. He’s done this for a long time now, and I’m honored to win it.”



Today, Comcast announced NASCAR driver Ryan Vargas as the 2023 Comcast Community Champion of the Year, becoming the ninth champion to receive the prestigious annual award. Ryan will be awarded $60,000 towards FACES: The National Craniofacial Association, bringing the total contributions made by Comcast to the Community Champion program to over one million dollars.  


Born with craniosynostosis, a rare birth defect in which the bones in a baby’s skull join together too early, causing problems with normal growth. Vargas has dedicated himself to raising awareness for children with craniofacial differences with the goal of encouraging these children to take on life and its challenges. 


“This award is easily one of the biggest achievements in my career,” said 2023 Comcast Community Champion Ryan Vargas. “I’m incredibly thankful to Comcast for not only supporting FACES: The National Craniofacial Association but all the other finalists and organizations that have been awarded in the past. For FACES, this means the world to them. This is a massive day in raising awareness and helping kids and families with Craniosynostosis get the surgeries they need.”


Vargas’s condition was caught early and repaired with one surgery; however, many children with craniofacial differences will require several surgeries throughout their lives. To support those who are born with this birth defect, Vargas became involved in FACES: The National Craniofacial Association. FACES is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides resources for those with craniofacial anomalies such as financial assistance for medical travel, as well as a support network for teens and children through FACES camp. 


“Ryan's unwavering dedication to supporting those around him shines through in how he carries himself both at and beyond the track,” said Matt Lederer, Comcast’s Vice President, Brand Partnerships and Amplification. “His impactful work, particularly in support of those suffering from Craniosynostosis, exemplifies the power that selfless dedication has in making a positive difference in the lives of others. We are honored to name him as the 2023 Comcast Community Champion of the Year.”  


Vargas was chosen by a panel comprised of Comcast and NASCAR executives, including Jessica Ferreira, the 2022 Comcast Community Champion, who received the award for her dedication to support foster children during the COVID pandemic and her work with Foster Village Charlotte (FVC), an organization that allows foster parents to connect with and support each other.  


Since the inception of the program, Comcast has donated to 24 different nonprofit organizations, furthering the impact of the philanthropic efforts of all finalists and champions. This year, Comcast reached the milestone of donating over one million dollars to deserving organizations associated with individuals within the NASCAR family.      


Jessica Friesen, Wife of Truck Series driver Stewart Friesen, and Max Siegel, Team Owner of Rev Racing, were selected as finalists and will both be awarded $30,000 towards their respective selected charities – the Crossroads Center For Children and Max Siegel Inc. Youth Foundation. 


Comcast has a long track record of community service, aiding in the advancement of local organizations, developing programs and partnerships, mobilizing resources to connect people and inspiring positive and substantive change. To learn more about these efforts, visit the Comcast Community Impact site.  


Comcast PR

Prime Video and NASCAR today announced they have reached a new seven-year media rights agreement, beginning in 2025, with Prime Video set to be the exclusive home of five NASCAR Cup Series races in the early summer. NASCAR joins the growing Prime Video catalog of top tier live sports in the U.S.; Prime members in the U.S. enjoy savings, convenience, and entertainment, all in a single membership. 

“We’re thrilled to bring the excitement and power of NASCAR to our Prime members, with five Cup Series races coming to Prime Video each season, starting in 2025,” said Jay Marine, VP and global head of sports, Prime Video. “NASCAR Cup Series racing is an iconic American tradition, and it will be a sensational addition to the lineup of premium live sports on Prime Video.”

"With their compelling innovations in streaming multiple live feeds and data-driven insights, Prime Video has quickly become a staple in the homes of millions of consumers and sports fans throughout the country, including many NASCAR fans," said NASCAR president Steve Phelps. "We are thrilled to pair our proven ability to bring a large-scale audience of passionate fans with Prime Video's potential to introduce our sport to new viewers utilizing their unique platform beginning in 2025.” 

Starting in 2025, Prime Video will exclusively stream five NASCAR Cup Series races to conclude the first half of the Cup season. Surrounding each of its NASCAR Cup Series races, Prime Video will produce pre-race and post-race programming, bringing fans highlights and analysis ahead of all of the action on the track. Prime Video will also offer exclusive coverage of practice and qualifying for the first half of the NASCAR Cup Series season (excluding the Busch Light Clash, DAYTONA 500, Duel at Daytona, and NASCAR All-Star Race). Prime Video talent and production details will be announced at a later date.

Prime Video is also committed to increasing original content for NASCAR fans, and will be the home of an upcoming documentary from NASCAR Studios chronicling NASCAR’s special “Garage 56” entry at the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

Fans in the U.S. will be able to watch NASCAR live at home or on the go, and across hundreds of compatible devices, streaming from the web, or using the Prime Video app on smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, game consoles, and connected TVs. For a complete list of compatible devices, visit

Amazon PR

ERIC RYAN: Good afternoon, everybody. I'm Eric Ryan with NASCAR communications. It's an absolute pleasure to be here with you here in Nashville for this special event ahead of the bulk of the championship week activities that we have.

Welcome to the media, the many special guests in attendance, and all the fans watching on and those listening on Sirius XM NASCAR radio. This is a monumental day for NASCAR, the NASCAR industry, and most importantly, our loyal and passionate NASCAR fans, the very best in sports.

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to officially announce our new media partners, a group of best-in-class content distribution leaders which will lead to increased visibility growth and development in our sport for many years to come. Before we make the announcement and meet the folks who have joined me here on stage today, let's roll a short video.

(Video shown.)

So as you can see, awesome things are in store for our great sport, and working alongside tremendous new media partners like the ones here today, we'll have wonderful announcements shortly.

To my immediate left here is Mr. Bryan Herbst, NASCAR senior vice president of media and productions. Then we have Steve Phelps, president of NASCAR, and then next to him, we have Eric Shanks, chief executive officer and executive producer of FOX Sports. We have Jay Marine, Prime Video vice president and global head of sports, and Luis Silberwasser, chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery Sports, and lastly, Rick Cordella, president of NBC Sports.

Of course I want to recognize some special guests we have in the crowd, including Mike Beard, president and COO of the CW, our new partner for the Xfinity Series in 2025 who is here for today's announcement. Thank you for being with us, Mike.

We are also joined by our three national series champions, Mr. Ryan Blaney, Cole Custer, and Ben Rhodes. Thank you, gentlemen, for being with us today, and congratulations.

With that, Steve, let's jump straight into it and I'll give you the honor of officially announcing these partnerships.

STEVE PHELPS: Welcome, everyone. It's a pleasure to have you all here. A shout-out to our two existing partners who have been fantastic, Eric Shanks and his team and Rick Cordella and his team, world-class media companies that have really presented our sport in such a great way to our race fans, and I'd like to welcome Jay Marine from Amazon and Luis Silberwasser from WBD.

We are super excited about what 2025 is going to bring to us because of where the distribution that we now have across air, which is a combination of obviously broadcast, cable and streaming. We want to meet race fans where they are or potentially race fans where they are. We think this group does exactly that for us. So we couldn't be happier to have them on board.

The other thing I want to talk about very quickly is what our industry, the NASCAR industry, has done to come together, whether you're talking about drivers, racetracks, our race teams. Our industry comes together better than any other sports property when there's a mountain to climb, and that's what happened in 2020. That's what happened honestly just for the sport overall.

You look at the growth of where the sport is, and I think it's a testament to the success of the sport to have these world-class media companies all want to be part of our sport, plus the CW.

Thrilled to have these guys come. LA, Seattle, New York, New York, all coming here to say welcome, and excited to be part of our future in 2025.

ERIC RYAN: Thank you for that, Steve. You've said this quite a bit, but we've talked about the optimization of media rights. Could you talk a bit about how these partners fit that vision of optimization and what that is?

STEVE PHELPS: Sure, well, he didn't ask that question before so we'll just riff on this. I think it's exactly right. When we set out to do the deals, the deals really were a combination of optimizing from a distribution standpoint, where NASCAR was going to be, and obviously there's a financial component, as well, and we were thrilled with where we netted out on the distribution, and I think that optimization is going to be big for the growth of the sport that we're going to experience in '25 and beyond.

Q. Mr. Herbst, the fan is at the center of all this, so can you tell us what the fan can expect beginning in 2025?

BRYAN HERBST: Yeah, I think what we've seen over the last five years with the industry working together is you've seen schedule innovation, you've seen on-track product innovation, but we wanted to continue to push the envelope from a distribution perspective, as well.

Steve spoke about the mix of broadcast, cable, direct-to-consumer and streaming. We wanted to make sure that all the innovation we're doing from a sport perspective that we were getting in front of new demos and that we were setting ourselves up well for the future.

With FOX starting off the season with the Clash and the Daytona 500, moving into a streaming opportunity with Amazon and Jay's team that we're super excited about, a lot of innovation in that summer series over the last two to three years as you guys have seen after Amazon moves off, then we go to Warner Brothers Discovery and Luis's team with TNT and Max and then finally closing out the season with Rick and the NBC Sports Group.

We have special partnerships and special relationships with our incumbents at FOX and NBC. Steve spoke about how they were there for us through 2020. We think we were there for the networks, as well.

But we really welcome kind of the new partnerships with Amazon, with the CW and with Warner Brothers Discovery. Look forward to kind of what this means from a fan perspective, potential alternate broadcasts, potential to get in front of younger fans, as well, so super excited about the growth behind this new strategy.

ERIC RYAN: Eric, FOX Sports and NASCAR have been partners since 2001, which means when this new deal starts we'll be celebrating 25 years together. Can you talk about why this is such a great fit and what you envision for the next seven years of this relationship.

ERIC SHANKS: Sure. First I'd like to say thank you to Jim and Ben and Lesa and Mike and Steve and Bryan and Steve for just being longtime friends and great partners, and we can't wait to start this next new chapter and have great times at any track that we go to with you guys, especially Talladega. (Laughter.)

Look, we will cross three decades when this program, new chapter starts, and nothing makes us more proud than being the one that gets to kick off the season with the Great American Race, the Daytona 500. Everybody in this room has been to it, and everybody knows how special it is and unique it is to start off a sport with its biggest event, and we want to keep pushing and we want to keep making it bigger and better, and it really is one of the crown jewels at FOX Sports.

So we're looking forward to that, and we know NASCAR is investing a lot to make it even bigger and better, as well.

I'm actually excited to work with all three partners here. This sport is really unique in that we're not going at the same time. We're handing off -- we're kind of drafting like off of each other and pushing each other, and I think we each bring something unique to it, whether you've been doing it for a long time or whether you're new and going to bring something new that we can all steal, and we're going to be collaborating and pushing and helping promote to make this sport successful for all of us. So that's what I'm excited about.

ERIC RYAN: Thank you. So Jay, Prime Video has quickly become a destination for direct-to-consumer live sports, most notably the NFL and Thursday Night Football, as well as your recent Black Friday Football. What does NASCAR bring to the table in terms of live sports in your programming mix?

JAY MARINE: Yeah, first of all, Eric was not joking about stealing, for anyone who knows Eric. Did you see that? That's truth. Like that's truth coming through.

I do want to echo what Eric said, though, and really thank the whole NASCAR team. It's been fantastic to get to this point, and as Jim just said earlier, it's really the starting line, again, and I can't wait for 2025 to get here.

In terms of why NASCAR for Amazon, what we really look for are premium tier 1 sports that can move the needle for Prime, and NASCAR fits that. A sport that has passionate fan base, a large fan base, where the sport is must-see for them. That is extremely valuable.

Ultimately what we're trying to do is make the Prime membership program more valuable for our Prime members. That's what we try to do in every decision we make.

So NASCAR fits perfectly with that.

Then we really want to go innovate. We look at this as a seven-year-plus partnership, and we'll talk about the renewal later, but that's how we want to invest so that we can innovate for the long-term, and we're excited to do that. We're excited to reach a younger audience who may have cut the cord and not watching as much, which we've been able to do with Thursday Night Football as an example. We're excited to be part of it and excited to work across this partnership group, as well.

ERIC RYAN: Thank you for that. I like we're already talking renewals here. Luis, at WBD sports, you continue to expand your live sports portfolio which is accessible via Max as well as across cable platforms such as TNT and TruTV. What is it about NASCAR that made sense as a pillar in your sports programming?

LUIS SILBERWASSER: Thank you. I think we looked sort of at three big things, I would say. One was through the value of the audience, the very passionate audience that NASCAR has, the large audiences that it brings, and I think to Jay's point, stealing a little bit of what you said, the idea that we're in the tier 1 sports business. If you look at what we do, we don't have a 24-hour sports channel. We really concentrate on a few and big things, and NASCAR fits right in because of the audience, because of the sport. It's a high-stakes sport. When you watch it, it's great viewing experience, and I think those are the kind of sports that we want to get behind.

The second one was what could we bring to the table, and when you have a portfolio that has TNT, one of the best cable channels, we have TruTV up and coming as a channel that is going to have more and more sports, we just recently put all of our sports on Max and now it's becoming one of those primary streaming platforms for sports. We have Bleacher Report and House of Highlights, which is going to play a big role in bringing younger viewers to the NASCAR family.

So from a portfolio perspective, it fits right it with what we want to do.

I think the third thing is the partnership, and I thank the France family for trusting us. It is a big part -- we were rightsholders until 2014, I believe, so we know what the combination and the partnership can do together. We're already imagining sort of new ideas and what we can do differently, and I think that partnership for us was very important.

We look at this as a very long-term partnership, and I know that our sort of world to the best class production team working hand in hand with NASCAR can bring great things to the table, and then when you put all of our assets together, it's part of the formula here to try to make the sport bigger and better, not only for NASCAR and for the fans but also for us, as well. Very excited about it.

ERIC RYAN: Rick, NBC Sports and NASCAR have a deep and prosperous history. Can you talk about why continuing to have NASCAR as a significant part of your portfolio made sense?

RICK CORDELLA: Well, I think a few things. It starts with the partnership, first and foremost. NASCAR is right at the very top of our portfolio in terms of the tightness, the relationship that we have with the France family, Jim, Lesa, Ben, certainly Steve and Bryan, working with them every day to improve the sport, to continue to drive ratings for NBC Sports.

We know working with them over a long period of time there's going to be a certain amount of innovation over the last 10 years, stage racing, tweaks to the playoffs. All of that really plays into our wanting to be partners with NASCAR.

Then you look at the product itself. It's exciting racing. A young crop of drivers hitting the circuit. We're incredibly excited about how it fits into our Q3 and Q4 schedule, and working with these guys, too, as the anchor leg of the four-by-four relay we're in here, we couldn't be more excited about where the sport is going to be in the future.

ERIC RYAN: Thank you for that. Mr. Phelps, I'll turn it back to you for one last word.

ERIC SHANKS: Wait, I forgot one thing I'm super excited about. As much as it sucks that he's no longer on the track, what's going to be new this coming year is that Kevin Harvick is going to be joining us in the booth, and I think he's here today, and I think I heard Clint somewhere. I'm super excited that Kevin is joining us, and I think you're going to make not only FOX's coverage but NASCAR as good as it possibly can be that you're not on the track. Forgot about that before. Sorry.

ERIC RYAN: Welcome, Kevin.

STEVE PHELPS: I'll close it out. Interesting listening to these guys talk, and hopefully everyone got as excited as I did listening to them and the unique pieces about what they're going to bring to our sport. There was a common theme throughout all of them that was really our fans and the quality of our fans, the size of the fan base. They are the best fans in all of sports.

For our fans, what they can expect moving forward is world-class production, distribution that is going to be the same in many cases, and new and others.

It is our job at NASCAR collectively as the stakeholders to bring more and more people into this great sport, and I think what we have just announced today is going to do exactly that.

ERIC RYAN: Thank you to everybody on stage and those in the crowd that helped make this historic announcement happen. We're thrilled for what's in store for 2024, and we're equally excited to embark on this next chapter of our great sport working together with these partners on stage.


The new broadcast agreements show that NASCAR continues to be powerful property in the sports media landscape, not only on traditional broadcast television, but now with additional streaming and digital platforms. Our sport continues to be anchored with longtime partners FOX and NBC, and we will now form new alliances with aggressive partners like TNT Sports, the CW as previously announced, and an emerging sports broadcaster like Amazon Prime Video. NASCAR will have an opportunity to reach fans like never before. We are grateful for NASCAR’s hard work on an agreement that benefits all stakeholders and fans of our sport.


Daison Pursley’s conquests in USAC’s AMSOIL National Sprint Car and NOS Energy Drink National Midget divisions saw him pass a total of 199 cars in just 62 feature starts throughout the 2023 season.


Those efforts paid off for the Locust Grove, Okla. driver as he earned the title of ProSource Passing Master for the 2023 season in his KO Motorsports sprint car and Reinbold-Underwood Motorsports midget.


Pursley earned a $2,500 for the passing master honors and will be honored during the Friday night, December 8, USAC Night of Champions at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis.


He becomes the third different winner of the season-long Passing Master award which rewards the USAC nationally licensed driver who advanced the most positions during feature events throughout the entirety of USAC’s 2023 national season between Silver Crown, Sprint Cars and Midgets.


Since 2020, longtime USAC supporter ProSource Buck Rice has offered the reward with past winners including Chris Windom (2020) and Justin Grant (2021 & 2022). This time around, it’s Pursley’s turn, and he is grateful to become the latest to earn the badge of honor.


“Buck does a lot for this sport whether it’s passing master or hard charger throughout the night,” Pursley noted. “He’s always there to hand you your money and congratulate you. It just goes to show that USAC and its supporters are always coming up with these cool awards to give drivers who have had a little hard luck and still get a reward. It’s cool to pick that up, and we’re all thankful for Buck’s support throughout the years. It helps all of us get up and down the road.”


Officially, Pursley’s biggest advancement of the 2023 USAC season came during September’s Firemen’s Nationals midget race at Wisconsin’s Angell Park Speedway. After a rough go in qualifying where he nearly got upside down, Pursley picked his way through the field, starting on the tail in 23rd before driving up to a 9th place result.


But of all the hard charging efforts that stand out, it was his 14th to 2nd run in the sprint car during Eastern Storm at Pennsylvania’s Williams Grove Speedway where he nearly broke through for his first points-paying victory with the series. It’s one he has a tinge of regret, thinking he could’ve made his move for the lead just a bit sooner.


In the midget at Beloit, Kansas’ Mitchell County Speedway, Pursley traveled from 18th to 6th, and by the end of the race, felt he had the fastest car on the track, but just ran short of laps.


At times, Pursley felt as if he was able to get a lot of those spots because of his aggressiveness on the initial start. With no time or laps wasted, he was always on the loudpedal.


“It shows that we just never quit throughout the night,” Pursley praised. “We didn’t let our qualifying time discourage us for the rest of the night. We were able to keep grinding and clicking away and that’s what I feel I do as a driver. I’m always trying to inch forward whether it’s one spot or one inch, and I feel like I’m always trying. As soon as the green flag drops, you’ve got to be going forward and I’m very thankful for the group I had around me in the midget and the sprint car that allowed me to pull that off.”


Prior to the 2023 season, Pursley was pretty much known for his midget racing experience, namely due to his full-time seasons on the USAC national tour in 2020 and 2021. But in 2023, he became one of the new stars on USAC’s National Sprint Car circuit, earning Rookie of the Year honors.


It’s a pace of lifestyle he has embraced as he continues to pick up the accolades just just two years since a severe spinal injury nearly derailed his life and career before his determined comeback.


“Being a full-time USAC Midget and Sprint Car guy, your schedule is just busy,” Pursley laid out. “There’s just no time for rest, and if you want to do it, you’ve got to be a true racecar driver and love this stuff at heart. Where I feel like I’ve learned a lot this year is just being versatile enough to get inside of a midget and then into a sprint car. The rudest awakening was the fact that these cars are different, and you have to keep that in the back of your mind on how to drive each one of them.  You’ve got about three laps of practice each night to start out. It requires you to figure it out on the fly.”


Pursley accomplished both disciplines with flying colors this year, and now it’s true when they say, he's USAC’s master of passing in 2023.



NASCAR and NBC Sports today announced a seven-year extension of their media rights agreement, continuing their long-standing partnership into the next decade. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Per the agreement, which begins in 2025, the final 14 NASCAR Cup Series races – including the Championship Race and Playoffs – will continue to be presented annually across a combination of NBC, USA Network, and Peacock. NBC Sports digital platforms will live stream all television coverage via authentication.

“We are thrilled that the NASCAR champion will continue to be crowned on our platforms for years to come,” said NBC Sports President Rick Cordella. “Whether it’s the unpredictability of a superspeedway, a Playoff cutoff race, or the championship finale, NBC Sports will use its wide array of platforms to present the dramatic conclusion to every NASCAR season for what will be 17 years at the end of this extension.”

“For a decade, NBC Sports has delivered some of the biggest moments in NASCAR to millions of fans, including their broadcasts of the playoffs and our season finale championship race,” said NASCAR President Steve Phelps. “They continue to be a tremendous partner and we can’t wait to watch the drama and excitement unfold with race fans everywhere across NBC platforms for another seven years.”

The long-standing partnership between NBC Sports and NASCAR dates to 2001, when NBC broadcast the second half of the season, including the Championship, for six seasons as part of a joint venture. NBC Sports and NASCAR partnered again with a 10-year agreement beginning in 2015 and running through the upcoming 2024 season. The new agreement begins in 2025.

In the ninth season of the current agreement, the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series on NBC, USA Network, and Peacock delivered a Total Audience Delivery of 2.47 million viewers across 20 races, up vs the comparable coverage in 2022 (2.45 million viewers), according to data provided by the Nielsen Company and Adobe Analytics.

NBC Sports PR

NASCAR today announced it has reached new seven-year media rights agreements for the NASCAR Cup Series with four best-in-class distribution partners – FOX Sports, NBC Sports, Amazon’s Prime Video and TNT Sports, a division of Warner Bros. Discovery – to deliver live coverage of all 38 NASCAR Cup Series races beginning in 2025 and extending through the 2031 season. Financial terms of these agreements were not disclosed.

FOX Sports and NBC Sports will continue to carry the majority of NASCAR Cup Series races with 14 events each. The FOX Sports portion of the Cup Series schedule, which kicks off the season with The Busch Light Clash followed by ‘The Great American Race,’ The DAYTONA 500, will also include live events for the entire NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series season. NBC Sports’ coverage of the Cup Series will encompass the final 14 events of the season, including the Playoffs and Championship race. Both partners will feature a mix of broadcast and cable events, with five Cup events airing on FOX and four on NBC annually. The remaining events will air on FS1 and USA Network, respectively.

As part of this historic agreement, the NASCAR Cup Series will welcome two new broadcast partners in 2025 – Prime Video and TNT Sports – that will evenly split a series of 10 midseason races. Both have also obtained exclusive rights to practice and qualifying sessions for the entire Cup Series schedule through 2031. NASCAR’s first fully direct-to-consumer partner, Prime Video will stream practice and qualifying live for the first half of the season through their last race of the midseason series with the exceptions of the Busch Light Clash, DAYTONA 500 and NASCAR All-Star Race, which will remain with FOX Sports. TNT Sports will initiate its coverage with the next five midseason races simultaneously broadcast live on TNT and streaming on the B/R Sports Add-On on Max. Practice and qualifying for the remainder of the season will stream on Max and air on truTV.

“Our goal was to secure long-term stability with an optimized mix of distribution platforms and innovative partners that would allow us to grow the sport while delivering our product to fans wherever they are – and we’ve achieved that today,” said NASCAR President, Steve Phelps. “NASCAR has been a cornerstone property for both new and established platforms for several decades. These agreements demonstrate the staying power of our sport and the consistent, large-scale audience it delivers. This landmark deal underscores our collective growth opportunity to drive engagement across this diverse collection of platforms – whether on broadcast, cable or direct-to-consumer. With the talented young drivers, exciting new teams and record-breaking racing we’ve seen since the Next Gen car was introduced in 2022, we’re looking forward to working with each of these partners to bring some of the best racing in the world to fans everywhere.”

“These agreements not only show NASCAR’s importance to the sports and entertainment ecosystem, but also the willingness of some of the world’s largest and most respected media companies to make significant investments in America’s leading motorsport,” said Senior Vice President, Media and Productions, NASCAR, Brian Herbst. “The media landscape is rapidly evolving, with new distribution platforms providing more options to the consumer than ever before. This is the right mix of media partners to promote and deliver content around our sport – positioning NASCAR for growth across different mediums and giving our fans uninterrupted access on the established platforms that they are already using. We are excited to work with this best-in-class group of media companies to deliver the best of NASCAR racing and the excitement of live sports to our fans.”


FOX Sports

Building upon a successful relationship of more than two decades, FOX Sports and NASCAR have extended their multi-series media rights agreement to carry 14 NASCAR Cup Series races, including practice and qualifying for the Busch Light Clash, DAYTONA 500 and NASCAR All-Star Race as well as exclusive rights for the entire 23-race NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series schedule from 2025 through 2031. As in previous years, NASCAR Cup Series races will appear on both FOX and FS1 with all NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series races on FS1.

“We are proud to begin the next chapter of what will soon be a three-decade relationship with our friends at NASCAR,” said FOX Sports CEO and Executive Producer Eric Shanks. “As the continued home of the DAYTONA 500, we look forward to getting every season off to a roaring start.”


NBC Sports

Continuing its coverage of the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs for an additional seven years, NBC Sports will air the final 14 races of the season culminating with the Cup Series Championship Race. This multi-platform agreement will feature a mix of races and content on NBC, USA Network and Peacock in 2025-2031.

“We are thrilled that the NASCAR champion will continue to be crowned on our platforms for years to come,” said NBC Sports President Rick Cordella. “Whether it’s the unpredictability of a superspeedway, a Playoff cutoff race, or the championship finale, NBC Sports will use its wide array of platforms to present the dramatic conclusion to every NASCAR season for what will be 17 years at the end of this extension.”


Prime Video

Prime Video will exclusively stream five NASCAR Cup Series races as part of the streaming service’s first foray into live motorsports. As part of this seven-year deal, Prime Video will also offer exclusive coverage of practice and qualifying for the first half of the NASCAR Cup Series season (excluding The Clash, Daytona 500 and All-Star races). Prime Video is also working with NASCAR Studios on an upcoming Garage 56 documentary. All NASCAR races, qualifying, practices, and other content will be available to Prime members in the U.S.

“NASCAR is the most popular motorsport in the country, and we can’t wait to deliver Cup Series racing to Prime members in the U.S. for the first time,” said Jay Marine, vice president and global head of sports at Prime Video. “We are excited to find ways to get NASCAR fans closer to the racing than ever before, and we are proud to contribute to the growth of the sport in the years ahead.”


TNT Sports

TNT Sports – which has previously had a 32-year history with NASCAR – will offer NASCAR Cup Series content across multiple platforms. TNT Sports races will stream live on the B/R Sports Add-On on Max, along with the return of live race telecasts on TNT for the first time since 2014. All second-half practice and qualifying events will be simulcast on Max and truTV. Bleacher Report will also feature NASCAR content across its social, digital and mobile platforms.

“We are thrilled to welcome NASCAR back to TNT Sports, and build on our rich, shared history of providing immersive fan experiences that only our world-class team can deliver,” said Luis Silberwasser, Chairman and CEO, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. “This agreement expands our portfolio of premium sports content throughout the Summer and further elevates Max and our leading linear networks. We look forward to utilizing all of our resources to create new opportunities for compelling storytelling that connects with our fans, as we present the thrilling action and excitement on the track in innovative ways throughout the entire NASCAR season.”

As previously announced, The CW Network is set to become the exclusive home to the NASCAR Xfinity Series beginning in 2025 and extending through the 2031 season with 33 live races, along with practice and qualifying events each weekend. All Xfinity Series races and ancillary content will be fully produced by NASCAR Productions in close collaboration with The CW Network and will include additional viewing opportunities on The CW’s digital platforms.

CAA Evolution served as the media advisor to NASCAR.


The 63rd season of racing at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course will feature five major spectator events spread across 11 weeks in 2024. Next season’s schedule features the annual NTT INDYCAR SERIES race weekend and the much anticipated return of Superbikes and IMSA sports car racing. 


In conjunction with the schedule release, the renewal period for Mid-Ohio Season Race Passes begins tomorrow and will run through Monday, Dec. 18. Single event tickets and Season Race Passes will go on sale to the public on Jan. 9, 2024 at 10 a.m. ET.


Mid-Ohio Season Race Pass holders from 2023 will have the chance to renew their passes for the 2024 season saving 20 percent off standard retail ticket pricing. Season Race Pass holders who have the right to renew RV spaces will also be offered that option during the renewal period.


To kick off the five-event spectator schedule, Mid-Ohio welcomes back the thrills of IMSA sports car racing with the IMSA Sports Car 4-Hour Classic at Mid-Ohio set for June 7-9. The weekend will feature a four-hour Michelin Pilot Challenge endurance race, the debut of the new IMSA-sanctioned Mustang Challenge plus racing action from VP Racing SportsCar Challenge and Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires. The headlining Michelin Pilot Challenge endurance race is one of two four-hour competitions on the series’ 2024 slate, a format reminiscent of the sanctioning body’s first appearances at the track. The “Six Hours of Mid-Ohio” in 1972 was IMSA’s first-ever race at the renowned road course.


The Permco Vintage Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio, the longest continuously-running spectator event at the track, returns on June 21-23 for its 42nd running. The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association-sanctioned weekend will provide fans a wide array of classic and modern race cars to enjoy, including the ground-pounding Trans Am Series. The ARCA Menards Series also joins the weekend in 2024 adding fender-bending stock car action to the schedule with a race on Friday, June 21. 


Ohio's largest annual motorsports event, The Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio featuring the NTT INDYCAR SERIES, returns on Fourth of July weekend (July 5-7) for the 41st running of the legendary open-wheel event. On the current INDYCAR schedule, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course ranks third all-time for most INDYCAR races held by a venue. In 2023, The Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio Presented by the 2023 Accord Hybrid featured a victory by Alex Palou, the eventual 2023 NTT INDYCAR SERIES champion. 


Next, Permco AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days will make its 29th appearance at the facility on July 26-28 as Pickerington, Ohio-based American Motorcyclist Association celebrates its 100th anniversary. The Mid-Ohio tradition is one of the largest annual motorcycling gatherings in the world and features racing, bike shows, the largest motorcycle swap meet in North America and more.


MotoAmerica brings Superbike action back to Mid-Ohio for the first time since 2014, concluding next summer’s major spectator calendar. MotoAmerica Superbikes at Mid-Ohio, the eighth round of the 2024 MotoAmerica Steel Commander Superbike Championship, is set for Aug. 16-18. The famed road course previously hosted the AMA Superbike Championship for 32 consecutive years starting in 1983.


“It is going to be a tremendous summer at Mid-Ohio. A fully repaved racing surface should provide fans and competitors with outstanding on-track action, and we’re excited to expand our summer lineup to five events over the course of three months,” said Craig Rust, president of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. “With the return of Superbikes and IMSA, Mid-Ohio's schedule truly offers our fans a great variety of racing in 2024!”


Additional support series will be announced at a later date for each race weekend delivering non-stop action. The 2024 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course schedule for spectator events is as follows:


June 7-9: IMSA Sports Car 4-Hour Classic at Mid-Ohio (IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge)

June 21-23: Permco Vintage Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association / Trans Am / ARCA Menards Series)

July 5-7: The Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio (NTT INDYCAR SERIES event)

July 26-28: Permco AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days (AMA’s annual motorcycling celebration)

Aug. 16-18: MotoAmerica Superbikes at Mid-Ohio (Six classes of MotoAmerica action)


*Schedule Subject to Change


In addition to the five major spectator events, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course will host over 20 club weekend racing events from April to October in 2024. Mid-Ohio Season Race Passholders can attend all of these events free of charge, and the general public can gain access to select weekends for a nominal fee as pre-determined.


Mid-Ohio Season Race Pass renewals go on sale today at Gift certificates for Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and The Mid-Ohio School are also available online for holiday gift giving. Children 12 and under always receive free general admission at Mid-Ohio when accompanied by a ticketed adult. Visit for more information, and follow its Facebook page @MidOhioSportsCarCourse, Twitter @Mid_Ohio or Instagram @officialmidohio for the latest news.


Mid Ohio PR

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