Mike Reichenberger & Lake Speedway Jr. on This Week in ASA Racing

Thursday, Dec 15 6723

The 2011 Norway Speedway Late Model Champion and the Certified Lubrication Specialist of Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil will be this week’s guests on “This Week in ASA Racing.” The new show will air on Thursday at 7:00pm Eastern on RaceTalkRadio.com.

Mike Reichenberger is the 2011 Late Model champion at Norway Speedway, an ASA Member Track in Norway, MI.  Reichenberger also finished fifth in the ASA Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil Member Track National Championship standings.  He will be on to reflect his 2011 season and give some insight to the future of his career.

Lake Speed Jr. is the Certified Lubrication Specialist for Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil in Huntersville, NC.  Lake will be on to give some advice about winterizing your racecar and talk about ASA Member Track National Champion Barry Beggarly’s tryout with Joe Gibbs Racing. 

Fans can also listen live on your smart phone, or you can learn more by logging on to

For the fans who cannot listen to the live broadcast, do not worry, there will be a replay available online at www.asa-racing.com.  Fans can also subscribe to receive a podcast through iTunes, just look for ASA Racing.

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