ASA National Champion has a Memorable Visit to Joe Gibbs Racing

Barry Beggarly, along with his wife Janie and his son Barry Jr. visited Joe Gibbs Racing on Tuesday, November 22 as part of his prize for winning the 2011 ASA Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil Member Track National Championship.  Beggarly toured their Cup and Nationwide shop while having an enjoyable visit with JD Gibbs, President of Joe Gibbs Racing.

Beggarly couldn’t time his arrival at the shop any better.  At the same time he was pulling in, so were Joe and JD Gibbs. Both congratulated Beggarly on winning his title with JD mentioning that his father was cheering for the veteran driver stating Beggarly proved that this sport is competitive for all ages.

After the quick meeting, Lake Speed Jr., Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil Certified Lubrication Specialist, gave the Beggarly family a private tour of the Cup shop.  After the tour, they met with JD Gibbs for a 45-minute meeting in one of their conference rooms.

It was a great opportunity for Gibbs to get to know the 2011 National Champion by first asking him which tracks he has raced at along with sharing stories of when Gibbs raced the short tracks around North Carolina.  In fact, Gibbs remembers racing in events with Beggarly.

Gibbs also got to know more about the Beggarly family.  Janie talked about how she used to be Barry’s scorer and Barry Jr. is now his crew chief. 

After the visit, Beggarly was off to the Nationwide shop where Speed and ASA President Dennis Huth presented Beggarly with his championship leather jacket. 

Following the tour, everyone went out for lunch. ASA Member Track West Region Champion Chrissy Wallace stopped by to congratulate Beggarly.  Beggarly then presented Wallace with her West Region Championship jacket provided by

“I didn’t know what to expect coming into this whole thing, but it turned out to be a real nice deal,” Beggarly said at the end of the day.  “Yesterday’s practice went well and I didn’t tear up anything.  We got to come here today and meet Joe and JD and get a tour of the shop.  It really was beyond my expectations.  Everyone was really nice and I got to go in the shop and drool a little bit.  My wife and son also enjoyed it as well.”

Beggarly also said that the last two days were very memorable.  “You know when you get older, your memory gets a little more precious and this is going to be up there among the top of them,” Beggarly said. “Who knows, maybe we can go ahead and do it again next year.  I just can’t wait for things to get going again next year.”

“It was a pleasure to spend the last two days with the Barry Beggarly and his family,” Dennis Huth, ASA President said.  “The test went very well and I think Barry was teaching Bryant Frazier and his crew at Joe Gibbs Racing a thing or two. It was also great that they had the opportunity to meet Joe and JD Gibbs.  Everyone at ASA would like to thank Joe Gibbs Racing Oil, Joe Gibbs Racing, Ace Speedway for hosting the tryout,, and all of our ASA Member Tracks for another successful National Championship.”

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